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Rossini: Il Signor Bruschino(Rossini Opera Festival, Pesaro)

Roberto De Candia (Bruschino Padre ); Carlo Lepore (Gaudenzio ); Maria Aleida (Sofia ); David Alegret (Florville ); Teatro Sotterraneo ( Director ); Daniele Rustioni (Conductor );

Welcome to ‘Rossiniland’:where the 1800s meet the 2000s, and tourists are free to wander and gawp at thescintillating spectacle taking place around them. Innovative theatre companyTeatro Sotterraneo has transferred Rossini’s light-hearted one-act operaticfarce to a modern-day theme park, complete with popcorn stand and balloons.Mistaken identities and general confusion abound, all exaggerated to adelightful degree by Rossini’s forward-thinking comedic effects. Helped byoutlandish costumes and off-the-wall stage design – created by the Accademia diBelle Arti di Urbino – a polished cast serves to bring Rossini’s engaging dramato life, making this ‘clever production’ (New York Times) one not to bemissed.