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Nov 2019


All Regions

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LPCM 2.0 / DTS Digital Surround 5.1


16:9 Anamorphic





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Donmar Warehouse Shakespeare Trilogy (Donmar Warehouse)

Dame Harriet Walter (Brutus / Henry IV / Prospero); Jade Anouka (Mark Antony / Hotspur / Ariel); Jackie Clune (Julius Caesar / Westmoreland / Stefano); Sheila Atim (Lucius / Gadshil / Ferdinand); Sophie Stanton (Falstaff / Caliban); Martina Laird (Cassius / Worcester / Alonso); Caroline Valdés (Dog / Antonio); Phyllida Lloyd (Director);

The Donmar Shakespeare Trilogy began in 2012 with an all-female production of Julius Caesar led by Dame Harriet Walter. Set in a women’s prison, the production asked the question, ‘Who owns Shakespeare?’ Two further productions followed: Henry IV in 2014 and The Tempest in 2016, all featuring a diverse company of women. The Trilogy enthralled theatre audiences in London and New York and was shared with women and girls in prisons and schools across the UK. The film versions were shot live in a specially built temporary theatre in King’s Cross in 2016, and now offer screen audiences unique access to these ground-breaking productions.

Power, betrayal, justice. Shakespeare’s great political drama Julius Caesar could not be more timely as it depicts the catastrophic consequences of a political leader’s extension of his powers beyond the remit of the constitution.

What makes a King? What makes a father? The Bard’s monumental history play travels to the heart of family, duty and country in this bold, contemporary production, adapted from Shakespeare’s two plays about King Henry IV, Prince Hal and Falstaff.

Set on an isle ‘full of noises’, this magical production of The Tempest sees Harriet Walter take on the role of Prospero in an evocation of the eternal struggle for freedom, morality and justice. ‘A glorious reminder that genuine diversity offers astonishing creative benefits’ (The Guardian ★★★★★)

This set includes over 90 minutes of extra documentary features that were not included on the original discs.


"One of the most important theatrical events of the past 20 years." (The Observer ★★★★★ - Julius Caesar)

"Lloyd’s account of Julius Caesar seethes with menace and here the prison setting makes perfect sense" (Evening Standard ★★★★★ – Julius Caesar)

"These dramas are about rebellion, leadership, guilt and surrogate family; about a youth pulled between two father figures, one a common thief, the other a royal usurper; about who runs England. The setting and casting bring these concerns intensely alive. And this isn't Henry IV set in a prison; it is prisoners acting Henry IV. There's a crucial difference." (The Financial Times – Henry IV)

"A brilliantly bracing new version of 'The Tempest' completes Phyllida Lloyd's inspired trilogy of all-female Shakespeare productions... There have been many high-high profile Shakespeare productions to mark 400 years since his death. Lloyd's 'Tempest' is my personal favourite." (The Independent ★★★★★ - The Tempest)