Release Date:

Aug 2013

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Dolby Surround; Dolby Stereo



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16:9 Anamorphic



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Wagner: Rienzi (Théâtre du Capitole, Toulouse)

Torsten Kerl (Rienzi); Marika Schönberg (Irene); Daniela Sindram (Adriano); Richard Wiegold (Colonna); Stefan Heidemann (Orsini); Robert Bork (Cardinal Orvieto ); Marc Heller (Baroncelli );

Championing love and personal heroism in the faceof ecclesiastical oppression and political chicanery, Wagner’s third operaexplores characteristic themes with terrific energy which culminates inthe eponymous Roman tribune’s famous prayer to the gods of his fatherland,followed by a riot which prefigures the young composer’s own abortivecareer as a firebrand and revolutionary. Within the timeless and elegantminimalism of Jorge Lavelli’s production, Torsten Kerl brings ringingauthority to the title role, supported by the experienced Wagnerian Pinchas Steinberg. 


"[Steinberg's] reading of Rienzi, too, was full of energy and vitality, well suited to what this music needs. He got a great performance from the Capitole’s orchestra, which is the best in some 400 miles around. The Choirs were also excellent in a very demanding opera for them. [Torsten Kerl] was excellent all along and it can be considered a luxury to have him as Rienzi in Toulouse." (Seen and Heard International)

"Torsten Kerl is vivacious in the title role, full of energy and with a euphonious, flexible heldentenor which effortlessly reaches the heights. […] Pinchas Steinberg at the baton of the Orchestre National du Capitol proves to be energetic, elastic, confident and considerate of the singers; he emphasises transparency and pays more attention to the profound lyricism of the score (which is indebted to the tradition of Grand Opéra) than superficial dramatics." (Opernnetz)